The Gulf Coast Communist Fraction is a small grouping of communist militants based in the Naples-Fort Myers area. Though not an organization with a specific political tendency, the positions of our group are generally influenced by and oriented towards the various fractions of the International Communist Left. We are not a party, but a fraction. We aim to facilitate a regroupment of communists, formulate revolutionary positions, defend the interests of the proletariat, and to intervene into class struggles as a fraction. To intervene into the struggles of the proletariat does not mean to take lead over the struggles, but to facilitate the development of the most radical elements of the struggles. Once the fraction is something distinct and separate from the class itself, it ceases to be a fraction. The fraction is necessarily a communist minority that is secreted from the most militant sections of the class itself, and is organically linked to the historical constitution of the party. Only in periods of a revolutionary wave can the fractions of the proletarian-left unify into the international communist party, but in moments when the proletariat is on the defensive end in the class struggle, attempts to build a party necessarily leads to confusions among the class and degeneration into opportunism; so regrouping into communist fractions is the organic response of the class to the antagonism in times of historic defeat. We do not pretend to be a mass organization promising to lead the exploited classes into the socialist future, nor do we want to have such a parasitic relationship to the class, our fraction seeks to be a presence of attraction for revolutionaries in the Southwest Florida region.