We are a small circle of young communists and workers based in the Naples-Fort Myers area of South Florida, who are developing towards becoming a component in the process of the Communist Left unifying into a world communist party for the future. Our positions are most closely aligned with the tradition that runs through the Italian Communist Party (1921-1927), the Left Fraction of the Italian Communist Party (1927-1935), the Italian/French/Belgian Fractions of the Communist Left (1935-1943), the French Communist Left (1943-1952), Internacionalismo (1952-1968), Revolution Internationale (1968-1975), the ‘historical’ International Communist Current (1975-2001), to the struggle of the Internal Fraction of the ICC (2001-2009) against the opportunist degeneration of the ‘official’ (liquidationist) ICC.

We do not consider ourselves to be a ‘fraction’ in the true sense of being the radical wing of a disintegrating proletarian party, we are one nucleus among the multitude of elements in the regroupment and construction of the new party, but our name does signify the influence from the Italian and Left Fractions Abroad on our own collective.

Though we adhere most to the historical contributions of the Italian Fraction in Exile, we embrace all currents of the Communist Left as necessary components in the formation of the communist party; whether it be the politics of the Internationalist Communist Party (Battaglia Comunista), International Communist Party, Communist Workers’ Party of Germany, the opposition elements within the Bolshevik Party, or the Spanish Bolshevik-Leninist Front, we are all in the same ‘party-in-the-making’.