Toward a Points of Unity

  1. Capitalism is a system that is constituted by the antagonism between the exploited (proletariat) and exploiting classes (bourgeoisie).
  2. Generalized wage-labor and commodity-production are defining features of capitalism.
  3. Generalized wage-labor and commodity-production are governed by the law of value.
  4. Capitalism is actively hindering the human community from entering into its final stage of a classless and stateless society.
  5. It is the historic task of the state to protect capitalism.
  6. It is the historic task of the proletariat to negate capitalism, effectively establishing a classless/stateless society.
  7. Communism is the existing movement of the proletariat to complete its historic task.
  8. A world communist party is a required instrument for the proletariat to achieve its historic task.
  9. The October Revolution of 1917 has, so far, been the highest expression of the proletariat’s struggle to achieve this task.
  10. Common ownership of the economy is the defining feature of communism.
  11. Communism is not governed by the law of value.
  12. Capitalism cannot be gradually reformed into communism.
  13. Communism cannot be established through the administration of the capitalist state.
  14. Communism is not the state management of the economy.
  15. Communism is not workers self-management of the economy.
  16. Communism negates the nation-state.
  17. Communists support women’s and sexual liberation.
  18. Communists oppose racism.
  19. Communists support the decommodification of animals.
  20. The ‘left-wing of capital’ is the opportunist co-opting of proletarian struggle, and degeneration into bourgeois-democratic politics.
  21. Communists oppose joining fronts and coalitions with sections of the ‘left-wing of capital’.
  22. Communists oppose participation in electoral politics
  23. Communists oppose national liberation.
  24. Communists oppose individualist/anti-centralist political action that causes disorganization/fragmentation among the class, i.e. looting, plundering, ‘rioting’, banditry, etc.
  25. Communists oppose the militarization of political struggle, i.e. guerrilla warfare, protracted people’s war, foco, etc.
  26. The USSR (1921-1989), Eastern Bloc, China (1949-1978), Cuba, etc. are all examples of state-capitalism.
  27. Communists equally oppose state-capitalism and private capitalism
  28. Communists oppose all sides of imperialist war.

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